You deserve better than a compromise

In my experience, I find that people contact me,

  • When they are worried about their current position. They may have arranged a number of financial products with their bank, or other direct sales institution. Often this has been with a sales person, who may not have had sufficient experience to know the questions to ask to delve into their problem in sufficient depth.

  • I often hear of their frustration that they never saw that person again, and are concerned that they have not been kept up to date in these products, and with changes in their circumstances over the years.

As a result, they often have several products that they have been paying for some time, from different sales people, and, are concerned that these products may not all be working cohesively, in their interests.

  • There has often been an event at work, or in their circle of family and friends, which has caused them worry or concern.
  • This may be Job insecurity, to illness, or death of somebody close to them. They may be looking to start a family, or buy their first home.

  • It is often to receive Financial advice about Divorce.

I will work with you to find out exactly what problems you are worried about. We will discuss what this means to you, and where there are any areas of vulnerability or concern. I cannot promise that this will be comfortable, or, indeed, that there is a solution. What I can promise, however, is to give you an honest and fair assessment of what we discover.

I work closely with my clients, both personal and corporate, ascertaining the best solution to whatever their individual problem or goal may be, before recommending the most effective available solution from the whole market.

I believe, for you to receive the best, and most appropriate advice, we need to be seen to treat you fairly. To ensure that this happens, I will ask for honest feedback from you, to make sure
that our systems and ways of doing business on your behalf are regularly re-focused.

You work hard for your money, it’s my job to ensure that it returns the compliment. Unbiased Financial Advice is a lot about trust, and face-to-face rapport. Please contact me for a no-obligation meeting where you can find out if I can help.